Thursday, April 24, 2014

he said. she said.

I'd like for you to tell me something about yourself.. anything. But from deep within.

how deep can you handle...

try me.

i have so much built up tension from aggression inside of me that needs a place. it needs a voice and i am learning with each day where to put it.
i have unrealistic visions and passions that i must pursue or i will simply die. 
i have a deep dark sense that is begging me to make an impression. 
i was meant to make marks and i dont know how yet. i am just a child in the grand scheme of things... but i am old in my faith and it is the only thing that tells me i am sane. otherwise the songs that i sing in my head wouldn't make sense at all, but i am only a vessel at this point. 

Very well said darling.

i can't do it alone
but hardly anyone moves as parallel as you do 

You'll have to understand something about me. My human structure is one that coincides with others as an enhancement. That's one of my many gifts from above. It's up to you how to utilize my portray..

i have a similar gift 


it is all going to happen very soon 
i can feel it 

Bueno noches bonita

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