Friday, April 4, 2014


for the first time ever... i saw him as a real human being. some one who i could see that is not perfect, his voice cracked and he stuttered through a few songs, i am sure it sounded better in person. either way i was thankful that michelle managed to film just a small amount and send it out west. like the best letter in the mail... a small piece of the show.
he was dressed in his usual combination of red and black... this year with a brand new red guitar. it was a tough decision i'm sure, but he already knows the rules of color.
in a familiar way he flicked his wrist and i am sure that he soon felt he was on camera and smirked...
his hair is so grown out.
shell says she likes it... she'll be sleeping in his room for the summer, as he travels furthest to the east.

the carolina coast sings my name over and over.
today i prove my work ethic by mopping the floors...
i am not meant for this work. my brain is too powerful
for mindless work, but it gave me just enough time
to dream of the island in spring. if i could just snap my
fingers and say a few things, give a few hugs, smile &
kiss those who i long for...

stopping to see the truth that is from only
within and from no where to be found
is the answer that i seek.
so i close my eyes & pray.

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