Monday, April 7, 2014

sunday nap.

 we met each other with the wind. sitting outside on the public beach stairs just after noon.. i waited and read a book in hopes that he would show up. taking a chance and being so vulnerable to just wait.

"wanna roll on some rocks with me". i heard the clicking of his bike and a few clanks of glass. i turned to see him there... adorable with a twelve pack balanced on his bike handles. slow as the sunday pace... we quenched our thirst and listened to a lovely french beauty from the sixties sing us songs...

with intentions of going on an inspirational adventure... neither of us wanted to explore much further than our own bodies. distraction came quick with a kiss and before we could stop... it had already begun. i missed his touch, his frantic hands and passionate taste. i held him so tight that arms felt weak from the release. four o'clock in the afternoon never felt so euphoric.

the slightly ajar door let in the coolest of breeze as we a laid still beside each other. the lucid droplets of dreams came true and we rested until the early evening... waking up next to him might be one of the most beautiful feelings in my world. he places his hands in a perfect spot of comfort and we enter each other again... this time in a cloudy essence from dreamland. i press my back up against his chest as he holds my shoulders with his arms. i feel trapped and safe inside his grasp... the feelings we give one another can hardly be described or contained. at times i find myself peeling myself off because the feeling in my throat tells me it is too much... too much of a good thing.

the sunset on the balcony allows us to justify our feelings and stare at a crystal clear half moon and stars. the rarity of our connection is witnessed only by each other. i suppose we'll keep it at that for some time. both of us now reassured that our bodies and minds tell us otherwise... it was the best nap he'd ever had. i said the same.

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