Sunday, April 13, 2014


when the space in between feels
fake. the lack of character was all
too forced and i couldn't seem to
feel any relaxation at all. perhaps
merely showing up isn't enough
but for this evening... everything
felt forced. everything basically
matched with a feeling of harmony
with the least he was there with me.
the polyester flower pattern shirts
went well with leather, jean and
black. finding my stones left in the
pocket of a much missed jacket...
the one shaped like my so loved
state went missing through out
the night. i wonder why it left me
or is it really as symbolic as he says.
"i hate to say it... but i don't have many
friends... but the ones i do, they are

silly silly love. i like how he looks
at me with pure amazement. i can
see it in his eyes that he is... full-filled
in the most genuine way we can
only live in the short lived moments
that are a gift, a simple gift from the
heavens.  feeling a sense of "clutter"
it is time to make space for the evolution
of god's creation. it is an attitude in real
time and fashion that can transgress
through the entertainment of other souls.

giving the runway attention i lost myself
in another place in time. it is past due
time to get on a plane. i honestly can't wait
any longer, but i will have to wait.

it is all too surreal to even write about.
the usual.

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