Thursday, April 10, 2014

tuesday morning.


we were at some tour or sorts, a cabin in the woods and there were young girls trying to get into the show. one in particular showed up to the old white house and knocked on the door. she was wearing hot pink bathing suit bottoms.. and i commented to her about the fact that she wasn't wearing any pants.... she smirked. making some statement about that is was "high fashion". informing her that she was indeed not welcome inside without the proper attire...pants at the least, she was not happy. i went inside and everyone was getting ready for the show. harry came out of the bathroom holding a pair of clippers, he looked confused and had shaved the side of his head and wanted me to carve 'the tills' in each side. i was panicked in trying to complete this task with only a few minutes before they had to go on, but fuller convinced them that they could go on an hour later. so we had time to nap together and held each other close. telling him about the almost naked girls that thought they could wear "no pants"... i told him about my dream of designing clothing... his face lit up, making the comment that he only liked women with class & style. he had more freckles than i remembr but felt the same.

i vaguely remember an earthquake of sorts... but i felt like a child on the tan vintage tile floor. the trembling went on for quite some time. things bounced around, perhaps i saw toys on the ground. it was a bizarre feeling...

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