Monday, November 19, 2012


The declaration that something is true. You just can't hide it anymore. Eventually you have to just relax and let the divine power of our creator take control. Like the web of a spider... We are all connected. All the paths make a beautiful design that captures life.

It's becoming true now. All so very real. The bath helped me cry this morning. I guess all the pressure and adventure overwhelmed me a bit. I just need to breathe awhile and slow down. The quiet and alone is nice.

The number 900. It overlooks the west side... sly fox was the attire for the weekend. It's more about what you don't put out there that makes you who you are. "Everyone is trying so hard to be someone else". Just believe in the honesty of imperfection and failure. Both are like hot tea... It's too much in the beginning. But eventually it is perfect.

The ninth floor holds me suspended in a dream land that is my life.  Finally a canopy bed and a tub, now I just need him to play me piano while I lay in the calming porcelain sculpture to regain my thoughts... My essence.  Our cleansing moments will be never ending.

The elephant & castle holds a small percent of my night. The black and white checkered floor was so busy and unlevel. The curiosuty that killed the cat will have answers soon. I'll leave this world in due time. Standing in limbo for a show. I run the show. Its a powerful position. All the sins are helping me...

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