Wednesday, November 21, 2012

black & white.

be careful what you ask for.  i needed it tonight. i had given enough the past few days. my breaths were quick and the pacing of my heart exhausted... my brain is silent for now.  i needed to feel flesh, another heartbeat... someone familiar.  

the comfort of repeat. knowing the outcome, remembering the past. it is something we all crave. i didn't plan or ask.. but it felt good. the mystery of darkness, thank god it's so close.

i know now.  that's all it takes.  yes i could see myself like that, but i would rather wait and work hard.  i would rather be inspired. i would rather move west.  i know what is here... on the east. it is beautiful and secure... it's all i know.  i had my time, i'll have some more later.

five days later... i'll be on my way. the anticipation is unreal, but i have all the patience in this world.  i am supposed to here. i needed every moment of it.  it's not every day that all of your wishes and dreams come true. it's like a disney movie, the prince saves the princess.  if only it were that simple.... on this merry go round. 

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