Wednesday, November 14, 2012

spirit child

gathering my things now i can't stop thinking about him. about the thought of what it means to be with another human.  i give so much. i need someone to understand this feeling, help me gather it back.
the physical being is what i crave. the beat of a heart. the intimacy of being completely crazy. together.

i want to hear the sound of a piano, the sound of love that someone creates to make these sounds. it's something that not everyone is able to give... those that do are magical.  you give yourself up ... give it away so someone else can find peace. you gain respect. 

my thoughts bounce around now and i need another breath of air to keep me going. the mission of my life. i wonder what life would be like with endless air.  i would love to know.

i'll be leaving soon to see this country. i want to help talent be discovered.  i want to make dreams come true.  all you need is a bit of faith.  i'll find all the pieces in due time. 

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