Monday, November 12, 2012


we were all sitting at the table. in our usual spots. i would say the middle of nowhere describes it best. the place you can disappear. the place where you find yourself. the tea party art party. the shitty duck tape party. the grand entrance to pure chaos and beauty. the creating of a world that could one day be ours. we are all so very mad. 

when all the glitter settles... i still want to be standing there with someone.  one that understands the nonsense that created us. i don't want to die alone. we'll hold hands and go together, i hope.
adventures through the forest, scared to death, its a path that doesn't lead out. a trip down memory lane, every moment at once created a crystal clear sky full of pines and stars.  the shimmer drum set, the butterflies... grace kelly & an ittchy tamborine.  beetlejuice.  the entire evening was an illusion. you have to give in and fall alittle, get hurt.  
take a chance and some ginseng. or at least talk about it.  the color green symbolizes everything we stand for. the black keeps it classy.  the black keys takes me there. the wooden walls, already seen this before. the camera...the water rushing in. it is pretty much the dream i had just one year ago. i'm so thankful for all the signs, the ones that point east and west... at the same time.  the scarecrow was just confused. the brilliance in the entire event is that it proves that dreams come true.  i find truth in that.

once you believe, done. i hope that my life really is parallel to hers. i hope that we both found our soul traveler. i have several of them, we'll be together for awhile.  wonder of wisdom is simply that continuing discovery & inspiration. 

the dark and quiet is my best thought. some chalk and moments of childhood memories. i think i have been here before? i just found the key to life.  keys open doors. 

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