Saturday, November 10, 2012


sometimes silence is necessary.
silence requires you to listen to yourself.
the moment has passed, you can't return. but it is possible to recall emotions, of conversation, smiles. touch & smell are connected to emotion & feelings. i met my match, not "the" (that i know of yet anyway) but i see us as equal. that is why it has the slightest  chance in working. that's really what we are all looking for. the other half that you connect with, that slight chance that maybe it will last forever.  that's why we put ourselves out there, repeatedly.  I see potential, but that is not enough.  I am a realist, love doesn't always prevail.  it takes work, sacrifice, money. sex, love, risk, teamwork, compromise, support, patience, heartache, honestly ... I could fill the remainder of this  page... but instead we base it all on a feeling.  just a feeling ? do we even know what we feel ? as humans, we are in control, but love causes us to lose it .  humans have the ability to give each other emotion... we are able to just give it, free. but it is the most valueable thing we have, how we feel. 

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