Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let me give you some support.

Keeping a secret is tough. I've already said enough. I still haven't a clue but I can feel it better now. I am that much closer to the dreams. I get frustrated just talking about something. I have to do things. 

When is the time to leave? I don't know, but I know that this is going to be fun. I have a few years to play around and see how much I can travel. See the sights and write the words that will improve the world. I haven't lost hope quite yet...

The first one was beautiful. Wonderful. Exactly who I am looking for. It will be wonderful to see the world from the other side. I am strong enough now. I am ready to breathe and settle in. I found a picture I'm imaging in my life. Lennon and liberty. Music and art. The vision of light. I've seen her before.. We met somewhere on the east. She was by the sea swimming with the dolphins. The waves. The Sunday trips to rodanthe chasing waves ... Who knew we'd never see that road again. The view was priceless every single time. It was so perfect ... a thin bubble like glass that was about to fall to the ground and shatter. All the timing was exactly right. The summer thunderstorms and back porch picnic dinners... I have ended those times; panic in my head as i realize too much. I am at risk always. It may kill me, it may save me. I must ask for forgiveness. I pray that someone saves me.  

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