Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where'd you come from... Where are you going? - the critters

                                                                                                   Visions of light 

"I'm amazed by your visions of light... When Jesus comes back I'll be alright".
I can't stop now. I was quickly reminded of what I'm working towards. It only took a listen and now I remember. I can't stop thinking of the possibility. Even though it is all just a silly dream. But without dreams ... Then why breathe? "Eyes are broken" I wish mine were some days... Then I would never know the details of the small things. The things that exists and are free... "Your rock and roll style is so charming... Why do you care?"  Nothing is free.  It requires a lot of time. Energy. Effort. Ease... Of a broken heart.  The past few weeks I suppose I've been a bit 'bland', the heart did this to me.  I am so far away now... Even the postal service is dragging out the irony of what could possibly be a pointless endeavor. .... When you wish upon a star. 

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