Saturday, December 15, 2012

The catalyst.

 The way things go... As equally as they come.  His negative energy pushed me away from my home... Pushed me to a new dimension... Changed my perspective. Now I am so far away still.. I feel even further from my goal than before.  It is a thin line for security. A frail thread that could snap and send me home. 

A castaway from my own land... My own life. I just don't fit in anywhere anymore... I haven't interest in what others are rambling about ... The drunken mist that they subject themselves to... He said the most hilarious thing... They will eventually kill themselves off, then we won't have to worry with their negative energy. Those that are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world ... Will.  Willpower is a drug.  

Drugs. I have new ones now... I bore easily.  I moved on from the need to be stupid, it's not a good look. Occasionally drinking makes dancing easier, but I have to have good music for that.  The "usuals" don't understand good music, really they just sway around for anything.  I've been very passive lately, it's a new look I'm trying on.  But my body is calling out for help, she needs to stretch, breathe and move.  I miss my powerful French influence. I miss her passion and direction, she knew exactly what my body needed.  She mentioned before I left that "those" around me might not be accepting to me... I understand what she meant by that.  Negatives are turned off by positive. They will try and take all that you posses. Fair enough. Now I just have to work that much harder.  I haven't time for petty nonsense and substance abuse. I need to cancel all of it out. 

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