Sunday, December 9, 2012

Love letters

The unusual display of affection. Words are an art form of them selves. They are the side door to the soul.. The intimacy of a written letter. I dream of getting a love letter.. That piece of something that means someone has time for you.  Time to sit down and create feelings with hand written blurbs from the heart.  No eraser, no spell check. If done in pen... Permanent. Actually I use letters a lot, it helps me get my feelings out... It's not always the best idea.
I'm going to give old romance a chance.  It's worth a try, I need some passion  soon.  She said it was on his list.

Today was beautiful.  Breakfast first with a lovely lady... Some browsing in Mission San Fran. The fabric store inspired me... I remembered how I used to sew all of my dolls clothes... And after seeing Diane Von Furstenburgs watercolor clothes sketches... I'm going to make my own French girl dresses... French girl with a modern east/west coast flair. To stand out, yet blend in.  

I love our phone conversations.. It's a feeling I haven't had in awhile.  Just hearing his voice brings a smile to my life.  He sang me songs and reassured my doubts.  I miss him, I miss our time.  Soon though I believe we will be together, that is a thing I've wanted for some time.  I think we know already that we will coexist well, we've already tested the water. For now it's cool to the touch.  He knows me well... I think he misses me too.  It's quite a feeling to know you are loved, I hope I can return the favor. 

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