Friday, December 7, 2012

Sunset sinner.

The end of a chapter. Today made me realize that those times are past . Seeing the mountains and canyons ... Heavenly.  I imagine that heaven was a bit like today. The firery colors that changed forever, burning away the horizon. Setting fire to the static life that I had become trapped in. Now I get to see the la lights... Awake now the gold coast and all that shimmer and shines. 

The naked poem series.  Poetry in the morning... Start the day with addictions. Each one with a story to tell, covered in the running paint of controlled chaos.  the raw pencil lines leave room for detail and mistake. The clear coat to protect the ever changing lines.  

San Francisco... Gentle people with flowers in their hair. The history of the trip... The explanation of movement.  Only eight-hundred miles until the other end of our adventure.  The beginning of my artistic journey.  I have dreamed so much the last couple of weeks, the imagination creates all sorts of stories without a plan. Fill in the blanks for awhile. So I am hitting the highway... What a scene. 

Simmered yellow and gold threads
Laced about a cotton
Field of soaked merlot
And cinnamon spills.

The blaze of flames covers
Forever of sand and fault
Lines of fence and 
Barren lands.

Heavenly painter of the skies
Designed this one for us.
The crystal gate slides 
To the side for a quick
Desperate  glimpse.
Taste of molasses 
Taints the other naive souls
Roaming through 
But forever missing
Their purpose.

In the crease of great
And glorious seconds
With only one minute to spare
to glance at this fire
That saves us. 

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