Friday, December 21, 2012

One in the morning. The quiet of the night. The clarity of the thoughts. I reunited with my love today. The one that brought me here.  She is a beautiful soul. One that brings me peace and grants me hope.

Never say never.  More than anything... When you say no, I keep pushing forward.  I push through all the imagery and then to explore the real. The moment of stop and go where you crash forward and accept that nothing is guaranteed and that one second could equal an eternity.  Perhaps it is impossible, it won't stop me because if there wasn't a fight... Then what is your point? What is your purpose? I  have one, several actually. Fortunately it includes an imagination and a struggle for seeing both beauty and a sense of now... I looked her straight in the eye... Who assumes that it could never happen. They have no idea. It was only him and I there. 


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