Friday, April 12, 2013


in los angeles...

anything can happen. within only one second, the entire world can change.
she sat in my chair this morning with a vision, we met eyes.. and i could see. our interests crashed into each other and before we knew it... we had brought one another to tears.
she was intrigued with my story, i was curious with hers.
something about this girl.
something about her smile.
the chemicals took awhile to process.
in the mean time... i showed her a song. the voice of a soul long gone.
him... she was immediately in love. we all are.
he knows this. he depends on this. some people are just meant to be stars.

some just sit back and wait for others to follow. that is me. waiting patiently for those to "find" me.
they soon will find that indeed i know the answer. i don't know why... or how i know. but something inside of me... leads the way.

he is a strong force in my life. placing pieces along the way... it's up to me to take notice, to take ahold of these pawns.

i think i'm doing well for how far i've come. at age twenty.five... i'm leaps & bounds ahead of the rest.
i give it up to faith.

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