Sunday, April 7, 2013

what happens when you can predict the future?

three... four times later and i'm questioning, nothing. obviously i was in the exact moment in time that i belonged. when all the angles collide to make a lovely evening. a day that i can withstand to create in my mind. a reoccurring band... that cycles through my seasons.

its a matter of playing the game. taking a chance and actually engaging yourself with another soul. seeing the symbol of... compassion. mixed with bits of passion that will not stand up to the test of time. oh no... it will wither away just as the flowers of spring... fall from the trees. but a constant of green will appear and stay awhile. its the foundation we have built... we can stand on.

my mind is busy and exhausted with too many realizations. arrows like bread crumbs are leading me home. that chaos is just over the edge. finishing my days here will be a slow burn... of pain. the kind that will lead me to my blissful future.

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