Friday, April 5, 2013

pencils & paint.

----->she wants, wants more of what i can supply... under control, good shoes.

the more i get, the less i need it.
i thought i had control
i can feel the salt
i can feel the muscles tense.

you hurt me.

the day passes as if ages.... ages passed along. i had a mix up, but i should be thankful. those people didn't show up for a reason. beyond what i know or have control over. the ones that were in my chair... repeats. they know something i don't, or at least remember. losing the day tonight. i move on.

i'll ask nicely... please entertain me. i promise i'll pay attention... sitting in the front row, trying not to stare at... the boys. silly boys. you are not for me.

alpha wolf, the test tells me 40%... chance the world will change.
are you a part of the change? or will you be one of the .... walking dead. huh, you know that show?
fuck if i know.<-------

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