Monday, April 29, 2013


and god speaks to u. 
rihanna's song stay comes on the radio...
reminds me of her.  
(around and around we go)

my ride to work was...
(its takes me all the way) 
violin.... im losing it. 
like sand through my fingers, but i know that to the very last drop i will feel. 
(it takes me all the way) 

the reason i hold on.
tupper called last night, the last person i expected to hear from and i am so.... 
helps take me home to the island. 

you are the one. -shiney toy guns

keeps me in the present while reminding me of the past.
i cant even understand how many times this song gets me through.... times of good and lovelier. 

so many ideas, so many chances. i need to be aware and pay attention. challenge accepted. i am here on a mission and need to learn the lesson of excepting the reality that i do not choose who i can help. 

let this day begin. 

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