Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Cheshire Cat in neon lights smiles from the beach city corner. Painted on the walls and scribbled in chalk is the nonsense on the bathroom stalls. I'm over stimulated with a sense of home; the dimly lit dive bar speaks to me in my native language. It's the hyper energy on stage.. Jumping around to the sound of his own drum. I dream to book a show here on day. The madness of the hat I choose to...where the sanity ends and begins with just a vision of my future. Each day is topping the next one with cherries and sprinkles on top.. Of a magical world I seemed to manifest. A full moon rises over the sea.. Only a month ago I was laying beside my cat-like companion.. As we pinched each others flesh like friendly felines.. Testing out the water.. Tepid is our outcome of what was and what is to be. 

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