Thursday, April 25, 2013

michael levine, inc.

today would describe happy. i was able to frock lick through fields of fabric... the time spins faster when you are constantly creating in your brain. all of my favorite things today... even resting my eyes for a cat nap, the best afternoon remedy.

a class to remember in the lovely little studio. she was a bright soul, twice my wisdom... i could feel the quirks & loved the support. sometimes i just need others to recognize my ... strength. the rain drops fell for only a few minutes, dancing like marbles on a tin roof... as we rested our; thoughts need a moment to rest. i have the most amazing..
chances are the music will change me. i turned around and biked back to the corner coffee shop for some musical healing. chances are... a green tea latte & a ukulele will change your perspective.

she sang a song i remember, i think she wrote it for him. the same him that i long for too... then he reminded me of a boy down the street, his voice was kind & sad... you could tell he had a few "feelings". his entourage was impressive. all these talented souls dwelling together to sing a ...

sense of unity.
i met liz tonight.

things are about to be quite... different.

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