Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"will you share the burden with me"

he asks urgently. this place holds us still for awhile, but it was so we could be... together. sitting still for too many hours to count less are the days we just... were there. the words lost their way and created 'our' world. our very own world of gypsy circus nonsense.

i must pace myself for this. patience, because once things become... famous. i'll have wished to be just sitting still and being. of being in my lonely room, listening to "should have" by the cold nothings and day dreaming.

i always knew, i'd follow you.. and know that it is this much better. 
its been months since i've seen your face, how are ... have you been well?
did you miss me at all?

changing all the rules to suit my weird mood. caffeine is a drug.

today the crazy hopeless americans blew up the finish line at a race in boston. it hits close to home... the people are rushing around and trying to figure something out. i just can't see how any of this means a thing... it means everything. humans are mean.

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