Sunday, April 7, 2013


keep working hard, finish your novel & find, thru knowledge, strength in solitude instead of despair.

Excerpt from 'the great sex letter' 
N.L. Cassady

I don't think he is my only one. Scattering the glitter on my chest. Take notice of this charm, I hold you close to my heart. I know you long for another... We both posses the power of ... Obsession. It only takes a second to take control. One subtle mark... 

It's intriguing that famous artist of the past were 'sexually curious'. When one is with their own 'kind' you understand a different perspective because you are indeed alike. More of a companion of sorts. I blend well with females, I was raised surrounded by them.  A house of sisters, beautiful women who were confident in their art and independence...

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