Sunday, March 31, 2013

All things loose their shape, eventually.
I revealed secrets, what really do I
have to lose? Disappeared.
Still I remain a mystery,
but this time the story is about you.

Call me crazy, I say I'm taken.
Sex to music, the key to life.
Music is the answer.
Love is made over time. After you
realize yourself & others have flaws
Enjoy them.

I still want a chance, one to figure out
how you could walk away so easily.
So I'll move to the beat. Connect the feeling
with a confused dotted line,
but continue to love & be free,
the desired goal.

Learn to let go, just a few moments now,
but it's necessary.
Be original, pieces collected.

Create curiosity & keep them around.
Never reveal all your secrets.

may 2012
(inspired by Tighten Up by the Black Keys)
i want sex to them soon.

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