Tuesday, March 5, 2013

let go.

i have to release my love for the comfort of home. another last night in my california king, soon enough i'll be headed back west. in a world that is all so new and unpredictable.  it is what i asked for, it is what i am going to make work. i needed this moment to come home and see all the faces that pushed me forward. they are what created this excited, creative creature.. now i am out wandering the world. as much as i would like to just stop moving, cuddle up and fall in "love", i have to see the world in order to sit still. i guess i'll be moving around for a bit.

contentment in constant change
a movement that hurts
 from the inside out.
i am still crossing out the
memories and erasing
what i used to be.
the reality of the past
is created through
our future. i press time
against the wall and
try and convince her that
she is more than what
meets the eye.
i have all the time in
why must i live like there
is only ten minutes
waiting on the other side.

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