Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sid & Nancy.

 Let's board a plane without no destination 
Taking time and gonna need some patience
                                 -----Zimbabwe - New Navy

This is how I imagine my world now. Something of a turn top that shifts with the 
Turning upside down with the flick of your... Finger.
Control. A craving humans seek... 
I learned today that indeed "reality is negotiable"... 
I always add in dramatic effect, to keep myself interested of course.

The things two cats do alone. I'm allergic to the dust that is your being, my eyes watering and skin scratched and scarred with irritation... I'll pet you once more. Wanting more. Infinite. It's silly to promise anything. 

At the end of the five-hundred days... I'll have my bags packed, I'll be waiting for you at the end of the road, wrapped in a fur cloak. You'll recognize me, and we'll sail the seven seas... Take a train, take a bus; fall in love all over again. Love doesn't just begin for us, it's the first and last day... Everyday. 

Chained together with steel cuffed feeling.

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