Wednesday, March 27, 2013


the feeling you get when something belongs.
only three days and i can't seem to understand where this human came from.
i thank god that our paths crossed, i guess you can say it was a first sight kinda thing.
months ago & i only had a glimpse.
funny how patience and living in the moment contradict each other so well.
i just want to be in the now.
if you know, should you still wait?
i presume god isn't too happy for this dawn...
but he let this kid into my realm,
i couldn't help but fall a little.

its a powerful thing to have souls unite.
the full moon shadows played games,
with a glass of poison & a good view.
just some lettuce and a few tacos...
scary movies bore me; give me something real.
i wanted it now
i wanted real people
real human skin
contact to help me feel

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