Friday, March 15, 2013

death & taxes

the left side_______

______the right side

how do you choose?

from the beginning of my time i knew what i would be doing. i have been preparing ever since. i know that i dream too big for boxes & such.
i believe in love
i know that if the world was to end and i was the only one alive... i would search til my dying day to find another soul. i know that god wouldn't leave me here alone.
i would search all over the world, walking... and traveling the best i could. i would figure it out.
i wouldn't be distracted.

so what do i learn?
that love is real. it is an endorphin that pushed me here, that is pushing me there. its holding me into the flesh that i will one day lay with.
our naked souls just being silent, together. just the breath. our intimate life as in love.

i learn that people respect and commend me, on my faith.. my drive.
my point exactly.
in order to love me you must trust me.

how do you trust? with time.
i know that my conviction & my salvation will get me through, i can see heartache and tears in my future, but that is what builds me.
i've seen some of this, so it keeps me searching for more dreams, they keep coming to life.

i know that if this music movement changes lives... i will be satisfied.
i'd like to believe that i will be okay without him, but love knows that that is not true.

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