Saturday, March 30, 2013

run with wolves.

the details spilled the beans all over the floor this morning. i couldn't help it, he has been just standing there in my thoughts. trapped in a still moment of a few days ago. we needed the energy. we needed the ... wanted the inspiration. be careful what you ask for.

we'll do miraculous things together. funny how these boys keep getting better. you just have to keep the... dark shadows of what is not real and true concealed. no one reads this "stuff" any who.

please lord. the focus slivers away, evaporates into the mist.
forty days of love poems. it helps.
i love mixing my day around. the city stroll and a lovely dinner.
the men in my life take care of me.
more than i can ever repay them.
i hope i help them too, in some... entertaining way.

there are two types of people.
the entertainers and the observers.
from one side to the other
the constant is the same
his humanity proves
this theory

i like the way his husband put it... "as you get older you test the theory, and once it holds true... that is faith."

i'll run with my kind soon enough.

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