Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What goes up must come down.

See you at the top. The ghost writer, shadow seeker ... Soul reaper. This is where I am... Sitting on the sunny porch, wanting more than the perfect life I sit with... pen and paper, dreaming of you. 
"Is it because of him!?" Yes, I believe so. But that is fair. Completely fair... Love does wild things to your brain, you can feed off it... it's become my drug of choice.

The sunny morning on the ocean front cliff. Long beach light tribe... a group of humans that is practicing love. We need more love. I soak up the energy from the sun. Ground my soul to the earth, letting the breeze guide my thoughts into a clearer intention, a bigger picture of our future. 

If we sit and wait... Nothing will happen. It's all or nothing. We have nothing.. So we may as well give it our all. 

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