Tuesday, March 26, 2013

from france to london.

i still can't believe that we pulled something like that off, so well. i regret not having more fun… but i am just so melodramatic that you can't tell my emotions, i have a poker face of champions. the still silhouette of my emotion will come in handy more in the future. i regret very few things.
all of this is a dream within a dream.
its as if i've been here all along,
only the time has changed
and an era has come and gone.
very impressed. he kept running around in my mind. i wonder if he'll be a staple or a fad.
I'm going to guess the latter.
either way, i want to stare into his eyes again.
i wasnt planning on this 
he wasn't supposed to appear so soon
and now i must cut ties.
tightening the strings for just one more time, 
one more time to experience his song…
his dream, within my dream.

excerpt from 500 days of LA 

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