Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane.

Across the country, I go. "You've always wanted to do this". -mom
I"ll be ready when the tears stop falling. But the release of saline makes me human. Back to the 'other' life, another dimension of people. Thirteen days is enough to miss someone.. something. Just enough time to see what I am not missing... and to enjoy what I missed the most.
Wrapping my brain around the future is hard, so I live in the present. It is the only time that I can predict.
I say a prayer for safe travel, the variables are everywhere. A winter snow storm up north rearranges the air traffic, pushing people to stop... 
I must keep going, so much waits for me over the horizon. In a land of illusion, a land of wild dreams and other nonsense. Playing cards, I gamble.

I speak of him to mom today, explaining the band... the talent. I hope and wonder what will become of us. I want so much to be a part of the movement. The music is meant to be heard by millions. It is meant to change lives... to live forever. The amount of energy that is flowing within me tells me no different. It's a matter of perfect timing. When all the moments line up... I'll be back to the east soon enough. Wearing my fur... Springtime hound dog show. 

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