Monday, March 11, 2013

fall seven times, get up eight.

the jewish proverb. she had a bracelet from her mother. she was stunning. all the souls i was able to surround myself with were ... such a blessing. this sunday afternoon was from heaven. he had to show me what it could be like if i just work harder. much harder.
i cannot play around.
"reality is negotiable" they all noticed the piece of a memory hanging from my neck. only a few months back i was standing on that porch in corolla. seeing the dream that had been on repeat since i was a child... i noticed that i was standing in such a familiar spot. one of the fans found the pick and felt the need to give it to me. he then introduced me to the band. im with the band... but no one knows this.
now i have it to hold. have it to remember why i am putting forth all this.. solitude. for me to be able to achieve my dreams with his dreams. i think we spent alot of time together somewhere... how else in the world can i explain what he does to me?

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