Saturday, March 23, 2013


 as tall as lions.

i read the past.
one year ago.

"it was like a scene out of a movie. i pulled up to his drive way and he is naked in front of this window hurrying to get dressed...pants, i see him text me. then he runes down the stairs without this shirt... his body is amazing. he pulls down the cotton over his pelvis...i sigh. he gets in the truck, "just got out of the shower" he smells like clean laundry. "thanks for inviting me", he kisses me on the cheek. this boy is something else. we don't leave each other's side during most of the cookout event. the boys are weathered but hot... the girls are beautiful hippies. i fit right in. susie... i like her. she invites me to every thing. dana is there, it's his girlfriends birthday, hence the backyard gathering. he is sterlings good friend, odd small island.
all day long i thought about this boy, every time he crossed my mind he would text me, something about him. i think i enjoy the body contact the most. i like thinking about him too. he makes my day a bit easier, a tad brighter. so he has to drive home because i drank too much vodka, we gave dana and lindsey a ride home. odd. then i buy champagne and starburst at the the kangaroo gas station, every flavor for him. we rent a girl with a dragon tattoo. his idea. the movie is dark. i am drunk and being silly... i wonder what he thinks... the several personalities of ...

i fall asleep on his bare chest for the remainder of the movie. i wake up in a sweat... we are both soaking wet. he leaves and goes home. i'm ok with this because i know i will see him soon."

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